In the 90's started on the 'new beat' scene in a group with friends. Living for and loving the electronic dance-music, he started to work as 'DJ Rave C' in a lot of Belgian clubs. He played also as a guest-dj on parties in Belgium, Spain, Italy, Slovakia and Mexico. During the covid period he worked on a new project, a new name...CEDICCI was born ;-)
Specialized in the electronic dance music (EDM) such as the early house-music from the 90's called retrohouse (trance,techno, house, ...) and the present dance, techno, trance and house-music (Tech House/Deep House/Melodic House…). The last years he started to produce his own technotracks wich are now available on international digital music platforms.In 2021 recording contracts were signed with Strohm Records (BEL), Skull Label (HUN) and Winked Records (ESP).Also in 2022 EPs were released with Strohm Records and Winked Records. This immediately led to an interview and a premiere of the release on TOP Radio, one of the largest radio stations in Belgium, and on Movement Radio, a station specialized in Techno, House and Dance.

In 2020,2021,2022 and 2023 Cedicci's DJ mixes reached several top positions in the MIXCLOUD trending charts, 1st place: Techno Belgium trending chart, 1st place House Belgium trending chart, 1st EDM Belgium trending chart
Furthermore, several times in the top 20 worldwide ( 12th retro global trending chart, 18th underground global trending chart, 1st hard techno global trending chart,1st dark techno global trending chart, 2nd in the Global Rave Chart, 11th at the global Club House chart, 11th House Music chart and 6th EDM mix global trending chart)

In 2021 Cedicci also made it to the final of the GIGSTARTER Europe - award DJ OF THE YEAR 2021. He finished in the top 3!

Of course feel free to contact CEDICCI for a party, a festival or event. Only for 1 hour? A 3hour set? A full set for the night? The party will be great!