GRONINGEN • 050Agency is a bookings- / management agency that looks at the business from your point of view.
Together we will make your wishes and our offer come together perfectly. Because of years of experience in the entertainment industry we can estimate very well what’s suitable for your club/festival or even come up with a potential theme for the night with associating artists/live entertainment.

Our dj’s played in many countries throughout Europe in different kind of venues and that’s one of the reasons why they have no problem sensing what the crowd demands. Because our dj’s are that versatile, you can place them everywhere, from small clubs till big festivals. And together with live elements such as a saxophone player or MC, this combination will create that extra special vibe everybody gets sucked into automatically.

As a bookings-/management agency we support our artists in every way possible in order to be able to deliver the best quality to you. And at last we can offer you the possibility to relive the night/event by making an aftermovie together with our filming partner.
Groningen, Nederland
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